Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotic kits

Three robot types has been built using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotiс kits.

1) Robocar

The robot is a car, based on the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Education robotic kit. Car is driven by two independent large motors and controlled by control block. The ultrasonic and gyroscope sensors are used for the turn angle and distance measurements.

2) Pipeline

The pipeline consists of two robots: the pipeline itself with controller and color sensor, and robocar with capture device for moving objects from the pipeline to predefined storage. The pipeline robot scans current object's color with color sensor and send this information to the robocar. The robocar selects destination of object movement by rules defined by experts.

3) Robocar with capture devices

A system of several robocars allows ordering of several objects, placed on the working area. Ordering is performing with using a predefined set of rules. The example of this scenario is a word composition from the letters, placed on the working area. Robots have capturing devices, ultrasonic and color sensors for distance and color detection.

All robots are controlled by control block that is based on the ARMv9 core CPU 300 MHz with 64 Mb RAM and 16 Mb flash memory. Internal memory can be extended using microSDHC port (supports microSD and microSDHC memory cards with capacity up to 32 Gb). It provides 4 input ports for sensors and 4 output ports for motors, USB port, wireless connection through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (through the USB-adapter), speaker, LCD display and 6 hardware buttons. The leJOS is installed on the SD-card instead of the embedded operating system for the block. The Netgear N110 WiFi USB-adapter is used for local area network connection.