General Information

International Scientific Laboratory " Computer technology " is based on departments " Computer technology ", " Programming Technology ", " Software Engineering and program verification " of ITMO University, on " Algorithms assembly of genomic sequences " laboratory , created on the basis of decisions of the Academic Council of ITMO University (27.12 . 2011), and research center "Programming technologies  and artificial intelligence ", organized in the framework of the program of ITMO University (2009-2018) , and scientific and educational center " development of genome assembly methods , transcriptome assembly and proteome dynamic analysis" established under the Federal Target Program " scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia " for 2009-2013 . Action 1.1 "Support of research pursued by the research and education centers " in a scientific direction " Life Sciences ( Living Systems ) " in " Genomic , proteomic and post-genome technologies".

Laboratory conducts research in four areas: coding theory, bioinformatics, machine Learning, software engineering.