A large number of programs and web-services are being developed in the laboratory "Computer Technologies" for research purposes. Only several of them are listed below.

Research are conducted in one of four directions — Bioinformatics, Programming technologies, Machine Learning or Evolutionary Computations.


Bioinformatics software:

  • Genome assembly:
    • ITMO Genome Assembler — is a tool for de novo assembly of small and middle-sized genomes from reads, produced by Illumina/Solexa, Ion Torrent or Sanger sequencers.
  • Shotgun metagenomic data analysis:
    • Metafast — is a tool for fast graph-based reference-free comparison of shotgun metagenomic data.
    • MetaCherchant — is a tool for analyzing genomic context of antibiotic resistance genes in gut microbiota.
  • Phantasus
  • GAM
  • gatom